IT Risk for Financial Institutions

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The rule of thumb when it comes to security breaches is "not if, but when." Breaches not only impact operations, but can also cause lasting and costly damage to a bank's reputation. It's critical that financial institutions appropriately assess this difficult to quantify risk as a part of their enterprise risk management (ERM) program. In this white paper, learn an approach that not only supports better structure, reporting and analysis of IT risks, but also contributes to an overall culture that better positions executive leadership to more efficiently prioritize and address enterprise risk.

In This White Paper You'll Learn:

  • What is enterprise risk management 
  • Why incorporating IT risk is important
  • Best practices for assessing IT and other risks
  • How to measure IT risk
  • How to apply this approach for a healthier company

About the Author

Gregory Smith is an accomplished consultant with over 30 years in financial services, cybersecurity and information technology consulting. He has an abundance of international experience at Fortune 500 companies, and a passion for managing organizational risk by effecting change through people, process, and technology.