Why Companies Move to Managed Security Monitoring

Laptop - ManagedAs organizations face ongoing attacks, effective security monitoring is an essential component of managing cyber risk. Many firms attempt to accomplish this in-house, but as security consultants, we frequently see several pitfalls that render these programs ineffective. Join Sr. Security Architect Aaron Sierra as he lays out the benefits — performance and financial — of hiring a managed security partner to monitor your environment.

In This 45-Minute Webinar You'll learn:

  • How to think differently about security monitoring
  • Why operating your own Security Operations Center (SOC) is an uphill battle
  • The performance and financial upsides of hiring the right managed security partner

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Webinar Presenter

Aaron Sierra headshot-2
Aaron Sierra, Principal Solutions Architect at Alagen cybersecurity services firm, is a passionate cyber security leader and consultant with nearly two decades of developing, leading, and advising diverse security programs. Leveraging this deep experience, Aaron advises security programs of all sizes and maturity levels with highly-differentiated security solutions that address the most daunting security challenges of each unique organization. He is also an avid surfer who strives to make regular appearances on the waves near his home in southern California.