Are You Ready for Ransomware?

Find out in this on-demand webinar.

Is your organization ransomware resilient? What does that even mean? We all know that ransomware is a real threat to all businesses in all industries and of all sizes. We’ve read about its crippling effects and costly demands. We know it has even shuttered unprepared businesses. But what can you do to be truly prepared?
An effective ransomware strategy must not only consider prevention, but containment and recovery as well.
With this in mind, our experts pull from several best-practice security and attack frameworks to distill a clear and definitive plan for ransomware preparedness. Join Alagen security experts Trey Turner and Tom LeNeave as they share the insights so your organization can stay in control and become ransomware attack resilient.

In This 30-Minute Webinar You'll learn:

  • How to defend against malware
  • How to minimize the sting when defenses fail
  • How to be ready to recover quickly

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Webinar Presenters

Tom LeNeaveTom LeNeave is a Senior Security Consultant for Alagen focused on securing networks and organizations to exceed requirements from various compliance frameworks. As an expert in compliance and security posture, he serves as a fractional CISO to advise, oversee, and run the security programs of our clients while utilizing security frameworks as a road map. Tom also enjoys a good challenge away from the computer by throwing weights around at the local crossfit gym.
IMG_3706-1Trey Turner, Senior Security Consultant at Alagen, has spent nearly two decades combatting malware and viruses. With previous roles as a system administrator, systems and network engineer, and security engineer solutions architect, he has helped companies of all sizes manage extensive incident responses. Trey has a knack for implementing A/V and A/M solutions and is passionate about helping others personally and professionally.